Privacy Policy

QuickChore Corp. ("QuickChore") collects various information through its website and mobile site, located at and via its native mobile application (collectively, “ServiceSite”). This Privacy Policy discloses QuickChore's policies and procedures regarding the collection and handling of such information. This Privacy Policy applies only to services offered by QuickChore. This policy does not apply to any merchants’ site and other third party services linked to QuickChore services or offline activities related to QuickChore services.

I. Information Collected

QuickChore may collect the following information from users of its services: last name, first name, street address, city, state, zip code, cross streets, phone number, e-mail address, services-specific display name, GPS location (mobile site), electronic signature and credit card information (collectively, "collected information" or "CI"). QuickChore is not intended for use by children under the age of 13 and QuickChore does not knowingly collect CI from children under the age of 13. ServiceSite usage of services requires that a user to create an account ("Account") or use the ServiceSite as a guest. In addition to the CI set forth above, QuickChore may collect information regarding Account holders' current and past QuickChore orders, favorite merchants, customer service inquiries, service/merchant reviews and various social networking preferences relating to the ServiceSite (e.g. pages or entities you recommend, follow or like).

QuickChore also uses analytics software to analyze and track web traffic for its services regarding QuickChore's advertising and promotion of QuickChore services. QuickChore also collects various information collected by the applications such as order data, payment information, delivery locations, delivery driver mileage, delivery driver location and other related information. QuickChore may publish this statistical data or share them with third parties without including CI.

QuickChore may collect additional CI regarding blog postings including business/personal website, professional title, social networking handle/username and the author's photograph.

II. Use Of Collected Information

QuickChore uses CI to create users' QuickChore accounts, to communicate with users (directly and through merchant and delivery drivers) about QuickChore services, to offer users additional services, promotions and special offers and to charge for purchases and other payments made through QuickChore. Users may elect to allow QuickChore to store certain CI used to create users' QuickChore accounts, including, but not limited to, credit card information. QuickChore may use certain stored CI to customize future order processing for its customers. A customer may request that QuickChore cease storing certain CI at any time, but that customer might not be able to take advantage of certain customized features. Users may affirmatively elect to stop receiving promotional communications from QuickChore by visiting and providing QuickChore with their e-mail address via the unsubscribe link. QuickChore may also use CI to enforce QuickChore terms of use and service.

QuickChore may use CI submitted by authors of its blog content by publishing that information on its blog, and as otherwise agreed by QuickChore and submitting author. By submitting CI to QuickChore regarding its blog content, the author agrees to QuickChore's publication of that CI, and any other CI included within the blog content on its blog.

QuickChore may use cookies to remember users on its sites and to enhance users' experience on the ServiceSite. For example, when users with QuickChore accounts return to the ServiceSite, cookies recognize those users and allow the ServiceSite to provide certain user-specific information such as QuickChore account information, past orders, favorite merchant and user merchant reviews.

QuickChore does not sell the information it collects through its services to third parties. QuickChore shares collected CI to third-party vendors and service providers with whom QuickChore works to provide application programming interfaces ("APIs") and other functions for the services associated with the delivery of QuickChore services. Further, QuickChore shares users' QuickChore order content, special order instructions, last and first name, street address, e-mail address, telephone number and other payment amounts with merchants where users' orders are placed and delivery drivers, to the extent necessary to process and deliver those orders. QuickChore may also disclose CI to third parties such as attorneys, collection agencies, tribunals or law enforcement authorities pursuant to valid requests in connection with alleged violations of QuickChore terms of use and service or other alleged contract violations, infringement or similar harm to persons or property. QuickChore users must consent to the QuickChore Terms of Use (

User generated content posted through the ServiceSite such as service/merchant reviews and certain social networking preferences (e.g. pages you "Recommend" or "Like") may be viewed by the general public. Accordingly, QuickChore cannot ensure the privacy of any CI included in such user generated content.

III. Protection of CI

QuickChore uses reasonable security measures equivalent to or exceeding industry standard to protect CI from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification and disclosure. Regrettably, even with these measures, QuickChore cannot guarantee the security of CI. By using QuickChore services, the user acknowledges and agrees that QuickChore makes no such assurance, and that the user uses the services at his or her own risk.

IV. Retrieving and Correcting Your CI

Registered QuickChore account holders can retrieve and change their own CI by editing their information in their profile on the ServiceSite. If you have questions and/or comments regarding QuickChore's use or collection of your CI, please contact QuickChore's privacy department at:

V. Amendments to Privacy Policy

QuickChore may modify this privacy agreement at any time by posting new content on this page or on a successor page. The new content of the privacy agreement will become effective on the posting date, which will be listed at the top of the page as the effective date.

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